The City Of Detroit Deserves To Fail

Via American Glob. At least she says what all liberals think secretly.

American Glob

The City of Detroit is a cesspool of decay created by decades of liberal governance.

This once great city now lies in ruins with beautiful homes falling apart, vacant, burned out and overgrown with weeds. Entire city blocks have been plowed down and replaced with fields of grass where wild animals are now free to graze and hunt among the city’s residents. Municipal services like the police and fire departments are completely bankrupt and the city can’t even afford electricity for street lights.

That this pit of liberal fiscal mismanagement now expects to be bailed out as payback for helping to reelect Obama is insulting to all Americans on a level that’s difficult to describe in words.

Sorry folks. Obama may be the president but contrary to what you’ve heard, that does not authorize him to pay for your gas and your mortgage.

Like the country of Greece, you can…

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